Marimba Orchestra VII (September 20, 2020, Tokyo) online

Marimba Orchestra VII (September 20, 2020, Tokyo) ONLINE DISTRIBUTION

Shiniti Uéno & Phonix Réflexion is distributing the concert video of the concert "Marimba Orchestra VII” (September 20, 2020, Tokyo) online!  We are already receiving subscriptions!  Please join us on your PC!
The video consists of a full concert program.  Now is the chance to witness the real Shiniti Uéno & Phonix Réflexion’s Marimba Orchestra performance that you may be already familiar with by listening to their CDs.

Distributed Dates and time :  Oct. 10 noon (Japan time) - Oct. 23 Midnight  on VIMEO
During this period watch as many times as you want.  After payment we are sending you a password
Adult $20.00 US dollars, Student $10.00 US dollars.

To Subscribe:

e-mail  and give us the following information.  
1) your name  2) your e-mail address    3)adult or student, and the number of audience( each person please pay)

let us know if you are supporting one specific member of the group.  (He or she will benefit from your payment.)
4)  Pay by Paypal to  (sorry, no other way to pay this time if you are outside of Japan.)

Please complete the subscription by Oct. 20 (Japan time).  It may take 1~2 days for us to send you a password.


Fugue from Fantasy and Fugue in G minor BWV542, “Great”: (1720)  J.S. Bach / arr. by Miwa Okusada
Ripple Marks for Marimba Ensemble (2014)    Miwa Okusada
Prima Luce (2016)  Yo Goto
Sinfonia M Hear the Voices of the Gods! for Marimba Orchestra (2016)    Tokuhide Niimi
Waldesrauschen (2018)   Masahiro Ishijima
The Book of Sand (2017)    Makiko Kinoshita
KITORA  for Eight Marimbas〈Japan Premiere〉(2019)   Akira Nishimura

Shiniti Uéno
Akuhara, Itaru / Fujita, Ai/  Iino-Goto, Akiko/ Kanegae, Hajime/ Kijiya, Noriko/ Magaribuchi, Shunsuke/ Mimori, Yumi/ Mitsutsuka, Yuma/ Niino, Masayuki/  Sato, Daiki/ Sato, Naoto/Sugie, Ruiko / Sumi, Hisako/ Toguchi, Aoi/ Tomita, Honoka/ Wakasaki, Sora/ Watanabe, Maya